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Premium Michigan Water Filtration Services for Over 80 Years

Based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Canney’s Water Conditioning is a woman owned business and Southwest Michigan’s Premier Water Treatment provider. We offer exceptional water filtration equipment systems, treatment products, bottled water and salt delivery services to many wonderful people throughout Southwest Michigan. At Canney’s Water Conditioning, we serve both residential and commercial/industrial customers, providing clean and safe water solutions with high-end Michigan water filtration products and services you deserve.

Residential Southwest Michigan Water Filtration Products & Services

With over 80 years of experience providing the finest Southwest Michigan Water Treatment services in the industry, Canney’s Water Conditioning understands what it takes to provide outstanding residential water products. Whether it is water softeners throughout Kalamazoo, MI or bottled water and salt delivery, we have you covered. Some of the residential water treatment products and services that we offer include:

Commercial Southwest Michigan Water Treatment Filtration Products & Services

Commercial/industrial businesses and establishments rely on Canney’s Water Conditioning to provide the finest water solutions in the industry. We provide clean, filtered water that your employees and customers will recognize and appreciate. The commercial/industrial water filtration service and products that we provide include:

Water Filtration Services in Southwest, MI

At Canney’s Water Conditioning, we are known for providing a wide range of premium quality residential and commercial/industrial water treatment services including:

  • Water Treatment System Repairs
  • Water Treatment System Replacement
  • Bottled Water Delivery
  • 5 Gallon Purified Reverse Osmosis Bottled Water
  • 16.9 oz. Purified Reverse Osmosis Bottled Water
  • Salt Delivery
  • Potassium Chloride Salt Substitute Delivery
  • Water Softener Salt Delivery
  • Bulk Salt Delivery
  • Pallet Salt Delivery
  • Pneumatic Salt Delivery
  • Pool Salt Delivery
  • Ice Control Salt Delivery
  • In-Line Filter Replacement
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter Replacement

Residential & Commercial/Industrial Water Delivery Services

With numerous water delivery options available, Canney’s Water Conditioning will deliver the type of high-quality bottled water, when and where you need it. Our water is processed and purified by means of reverse osmosis with state-of-the-art equipment. We bottle our 5 Gallon Reverse Osmosis, Purified Drinking Water “on site” with water provided by the City of Kalamazoo.  Our bottling plant is located right next to our main office located at 3712 Miller Road, Kalamazoo, Michigan. We offer our customers a few water treatment options, based on their needs:

Canney’s Water Conditioning, Inc… Providing Premium Southwest Michigan Water Treatment for Over 80 Years

Proudly serving Southwest Michigan for over 80 years, Canney’s Water Conditioning is currently in its third generation of water treatment sales and service. Having called Kalamazoo home for the last Three Quarters of a century, Canney’s Water Conditioning has established deep roots throughout Southwest Michigan. If you are located in the following counties, contact us and we will gladly assist you with your water treatment product and service needs.