PFOS & PFOA Water Filtration Systems

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Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) and Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) are harmful chemicals that have been used in a variety of products for decades. Most environmental water contamination from PFOS has occurred at manufacturing and industrial sites where PFOS and PFOA products were produced. Due to the use of these toxic chemicals until 2002, PFOA and PFOS can be found in water wells, groundwater, and other water outlets.

PFOS and PFOA levels can vary depending on the location of your water sources which is why water testing is recommended to determine the PFOS levels you may currently have in your water. PFOS and PFOA are difficult to break down which means water filtration removal becomes the best method for ensuring your water is PFOA and PFOS contaminant-free.

Water Filters that Remove PFOA and PFOS

General health risks due to PFOS exposure continue to be documented through various water studies throughout the US. Health effects from PFOA and PFOS chemical exposure via drinking water have been found to include cancer, weakened immune systems, and other health-related issues. By understanding the importance of filtering out harmful chemicals, using water filtration systems for PFOA and PFOS that are certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has become increasingly vital.

Canney’s Water Conditioning utilizes water filtration systems certified by the ANSI 53 standard for water filtration. This standard requires the reduction of PFOS and PFOA in water to reflect levels below 70 parts-per-trillion. Certified PFOA and PFOS water filters provide the best option to combat toxic PFOA and PFOS levels in your water.

Southwest Michigan PFOS Water Filtration System

Reduce PFOS and PFOA from your water with Canney’s Water Conditioning PFOS certified water filtration system. This system is deal for commercial and residential water filtering, whereas our high-quality water filtration systems offer you the clean, crisp water you want, with the contaminant-free peace of mind you need.  Additional benefits for PFOS filtration include removing lead, cysts, and other toxic contaminants.

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With over 80 years of water treatment and service expertise, Canney’s Water Conditioning can help you keep your water PFOA and PFOS contaminant-free. Call us at (269) 343-2691 or contact us today to discuss your PFOS water filtration system needs and  questions.


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