Iron Filters for Residential Use


Tired of scrubbing unsightly iron stains from every appliance and fixture in your home? Tired of taking the nice, shiny finish off all of your fixtures, bathtub and shower walls with harsh cleaning products? The solution is simple, purchase or rent an iron filter system from Canney’s Water Conditioning, Inc. Our iron filtration units are capable of removing up to 15 parts per million of iron. These units will also remove hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor) from well water supplies.

We offer two types of iron filters:

  • Chemical-free iron filters
  • Potassium Permaginate iron filters

Iron filters are available for purchase or rental.  If you aren’t sure which type of filter is right for you home, let our team help you make an informed decision.

Iron Filter Repair Services: Keeping Your Water Clean

If your iron filter stops working, do not hesitate to contact Canney’s Water Conditioning. We’ll send a technician who can diagnose and repair your iron filter. If the technician can’t fix the problem, the service call is free.

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For more information on iron filters, contact Canney’s Water Conditioning today.