Water Softener Salt Delivery in Southwest Michigan

  • Canneyʼs Salt Delivery Services Canneyʼs Salt Delivery Services
  • Canney's Salt Delivery Services Canney's Salt Delivery Services

Whether you need salt by the bag, skid or truckload, we deliver according to your needs. We will deliver every week, every month, every other month – no matter how often you need salt delivered to your home or business, Canney’s Water Conditioning will take care of you.

We understand how busy life can be. Retrieving salt for your water softener is most likely not high on your “to-do” list. That is why we offer salt delivery services throughout Southwest Michigan. We will not only bring the salt to your home, but we will also add it to your water softener’s brine tank and remove the empty bags. Salt for your water softener is something you will never have to think about as long as you are a Canney’s Water Conditioning customer.


What makes Canney’s Water Softener Salt Delivery Better than the Rest? iron fighter

  • The driver will carry your salt in and fill your tank
  • Flat $4 delivery fee for all your Canney's deliveries
  • It will be reported to the office if your salt usage stops or decreases drastically, indicating a service problem
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate even the busiest families
  • Our salt is available in 25 lb., 40 lb., and 50 lb. bags and for your business, bulk salt or salt by the skid
  • If you are not home for your delivery, we can leave the salt anywhere you would like or call us; we will be happy to reschedule your delivery
  • Convenient monthly billing

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Salt Delivery for Water Softeners in SW Michigan Service Area

Our water softener salt for home delivery service area includes 8 counties throughout the Southwest MI region. We have set our delivery fee at a $4 flat fee for all your Canney’s deliveries. In addition to our delivery service, we also offer convenient curbside pickup. Our pickup and delivery availability runs from 8 am-4:30 pm EST. Our delivery and curbside pickup services include our purified water offered in 5 gallon and 16.9 oz bottles- and 6-1 gallon bottles/case of distilled water. These services offer you a convenient, easy way to keep your home stocked with clean, crisp, and refreshing water, along with high-quality water softener salt.

Order Your Water Softener Salt Today

With over 80 years of water treatment experience, Canney’s is the best source for all your water conditioning needs. From water softener salt to bottled water,  we are ready to deliver to you. To schedule water softener salt delivery to your business or home, please call us at 269-343-2691 or contact Canney’s Water Conditioning, Inc., of Kalamazoo, MI today.

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