Water Softener Salt

  • Water Softener Salt
  • DuraCubeRO-100012474
  • PPExtraCoarse-110017730
  • hardicube-100012409
  • potassium-chloride-100012447

Use of our water softner salt will result in:

  • Hard water mineral removal
  • Soft bright towels
  • Shiney dishes
  • Etching prevention
  • Extends life of in-house plumbing and appliances

We offer several high quality salt product lines for water softeners in both 40# and 50# bags.

  • Dura-Cube® Red Out Water Softener Salt
  • Pro's Pick® Extra Coarse Water Softener Salt
  • Diamond Crystal® Hardi-Cube® Water Softener Salt

We also offer potassium chloride, which is a great salt alternative for anyone on a low sodium diet.

  • Diamond Crystal® Water Softener Potassium Chloride

Ice Control Salt

We carry two brands of ice control salt, each available in 50# bags.

  • Melt Away Rock Salt - effective melting temperature down to +6 degrees F.
  • Green Scapes Ice Melt Blend  - effective melting temperature down to -10 degrees F.

Green Scapes™ is an eco-friendly ice melter. Blended with Magnesium Chloride and infused with Ice Ban, Green Scapes™ is an innovative product that is safer for sidewalks and vegetation. This environmentally friendly option also features a green color indicator that makes for easier and fewer applications. While still boasting a melting point that rivals other blends, Green Scapes™ has a lower chloride content.

Professional Grade Pool Salt

Pro’s Pick® Quick Dissolve Plus Pool Salt: a finer salt cut that dissolves at a faster rate than Professional Grade.  May need some sweeping.

Fast-dissolving,  Quick Dissolve Plus Pool Salt is recommended by manufacturers of salt water chlorinators for pools.

  • Over 99.8% soluble, dissolving quickly and evenly to get you back into the pool faster
  • A safe alternative to chemical pool chlorine, providing the same level of clean at a lower chlorine level
  • Less salt in the pool than found in a human teardrop
  • Over 99% salt purity levels
  • 40 lb poly bags with two Easy-2-Handle® handles

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