Canney’s Water Conditioning is based in Kalamazoo and provides softener salt delivery and water treatment products to customers in Cass County and several other areas of Southwest Michigan. We offer a variety of water filtration units and water softeners, along with bottled water and salt delivery to meet the water purification needs of your residence or business.

We take pride in offering high-quality water treatment products and offering top-notch customer service to all our customers. Whether you need to reduce iron content and water hardness or remove harmful contaminants, we have a solution that meets your needs.

Our residential and commercial/industrial water treatment service area for Cass County, Michigan includes Cassopolis, Dowagiac, Jones, Marcellus, and Vandalia.  Schedule a free water test at your home or business!

Residential Water Treatment Services and Salt Delivery in Cass County, Michigan

Give your family the clean, pure drinking water they deserve with water filtration units and bottled water delivery from Canney’s. We offer a range of services to residences in Cass County and throughout Southwest Michigan.

  • Residential Water Softeners: Hard water is harsh on your skin and hair and leaves unsightly scale build-up on fixtures. Prevent these issues by installing a state-f-the art digital water softener in you Cass County Michigan home.
  • Residential Water Softener Salt Delivery: We deliver water softener salt to residences throughout Cass County, Michigan. Select from several product lines and choose a delivery schedule that meets your needs. We also carry professional-grade pool salt and ice control salt.
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Units: Canney’s offers and installs residential reverse osmosis drinking water units that purify your water by a factor of 90 to 99%. If you ever have a repair need, we will dispatch one of our service technicians to your Cass County, Michigan residence.
  • Residential Iron Filtration Units: Residential iron filtration units remove up to 15 ppm of iron and are available for rent or purchase. Choose from chemical-free or potassium permanganate iron filters to keep your water clean and eliminate unsightly iron stains.
  • Residential Bottled Water Delivery: Get high-quality, purified water delivered right to your Cass County, Michigan home. We purify our water using reverse osmosis and only use BPA-free bottles.

Commercial/Industrial Water Treatment Services & Salt Delivery in Cass County, Michigan

We offer several commercial/industrial water treatment products and services for business throughout Cass County, MI.

  • Commercial/Industrial Water Softeners: Prevent scale buildup and corrosion in your building’s pipes and hot water system with our commercial/industrial water softener units. Size options range from 30,000 to 1.2 million grains per vessel and include single, duplex, and triplex units.
  • Bulk & Multi-Skid Salt: We deliver bulk salt by the bag or skid and can deliver straight to your brine tank or pit. Choose the delivery frequency that meets the needs of your Cass County Michigan-based office, hospital, or other commercial/industrial business.
  • Commercial/Industrial Water Filters: Remove iron, parasites, suspended solids, and other contaminants with a commercial/industrial water filter from Canney’s. Our single, double, and triplex units provide water filtration rate from 30 microns to 0.1 microns absolute.
  • Commercial/Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems:  Keep the water in your Cass County Michigan business clean and pure with a commercial/industrial reverse osmosis system. This method of filtration effectively removes contaminants in drinking water, industrial boilers, and more.
  • Backflow Testing: Michigan laws mandates annual backflow preventer testing. Keep your Cass County, Michigan, business in compliance with state laws by scheduling a backflow test with our master plumber.

Contact Canney’s for Water Treatment Products and Services in Cass County, Michigan

Canney’s is based in Kalamazoo and serves residences and businesses in Cass County, Michigan. Contact us to discuss your water treatment needs or to schedule a free water test at your home or business.

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