Filtered Water for Southwest Michigan

  • Use filtered water for your fish tanks! Use filtered water for your fish tanks!

Ensure your water is clean and contaminant-free with filtered or purified water. Canney’s Water Conditioning offers bottled water, distilled water, and different water filtration methods for all your high-quality purified water needs.
Call us at 269-343-2691 to discuss which filtered water option is best for your home or business. Our purified water experts are ready to help you today.

Explore Our Filtered and Purified Water Options

In addition to our bottles of reverse osmosis filtered water, we also have cases of distilled water. Distilled water is available for all of your household and business needs.

Bottled Water

Canney’s Bottled Water Division is ready and eager to deliver high-quality, purified water to your home or office on a regularly scheduled delivery program. Our water is processed and purified by means of reverse osmosis with state of the art equipment. Our bottling plant is located on site. Our bottled water options and accessories include:
  • 5 gallon purified reverse osmosis water jug
  • Purified 16.9 oz drinking water bottles in 24 pack case
  • Dolphin Pump bottled water dispenser in 3 and 5 gallon bottles
  • Bottled water cradle and spigot dispenser in 3 and 5 gallon sizes
  • Bottled water pump in 3 and 5 gallon bottles – FloJet 5000 series
  • Bottle buddy – 4 tier shelf fits 3 and 5 gallon bot tles

Distilled Water

Our distilled water is available in a case of six, one-gallon bottles used in a variety of environments such as medical offices, manufacturing facilities, as well as home use. 

Water Filtration Methods

Filtered and purified water has become increasingly important to the state of Michigan due to high levels of PFAS and PFOA found in various drinking water aquafers. We offer PFOA and PFOS Water Filtration systems to remove toxic chemicals from your drinking water and ensure your health and well-being. 

Benefits of Purified Water

  • 96 – 98% purified drinking water, contaminant free
  • Refreshing, clean taste
  • Safe and healthy

Canney’s Water Conditioning Filtered Water Advantages

Start Using Purified Water Today

For over 80 years, Canney’s Water Conditioning has been Southwest Michigan’s best source for great-tasting, high-quality purified drinking water. Call us at 269-343-2691 or contact us through our online form to request a free water test today.

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