Canney’s is a family-owned business offering softener salt delivery and water treatment products to customers in Van Buren County and several other areas of Southwest Michigan. We have a team of experts providing water delivery, softener salt delivery, and water treatment and filtration equipment to commercial/industrial and residential users. Our team works hard to build strong customer relationships and provides only high-quality water and water treatment products.

Our residential and commercial/industrial water treatment service area for Van Buren County, Michigan includes Bangor, Bloomingdale, Breedsville, Covert, Decatur, Gobles, Grand Junction, Hartford, Kendall, Lacota, Lawrence, Lawton, Mattawan, Paw Paw, and South Haven.

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Softener Salt Delivery and Water Treatment Products for Van Buren County Residents

Canney’s provides water conditioning systems and filtration equipment for rent or purchase to help you bring the cleanest and safest water possible into your home. Our residential water treatment products for Van Buren County, Michigan include:

  • Bottled Water Delivery: We deliver high-quality, purified bottled water directly to your home. Select a frequency that works best with your schedule. Bottle coolers come in several hot, cold, and combo styles for rent or purchase.
  • RO Drinking Water Units: Reverse osmosis units reduce contaminants by up to 96% for clean drinking water Our RO units can be installed under your sink or in the basement of your home.
  • Iron Filters: Iron filtration systems remove hydrogen sulfide from well and city water, allowing the elimination of unsightly iron stains on appliances, fixtures and laundry.
  • Water Softeners & Repair: We offer residential water treatment systems that feature state-of-the-art digital displays. Our treatment systems effectively remove hardness, iron and sediment from water with the use of less salt than other treatment systems in its class.
  • Salt Delivery: We offer several high-quality brands of salt in 40-lb. and 50-lb. bags. A potassium chloride alternative is also available, as well as pool salt and an eco-friendly ice melt/Greenscape.
  • Swimming Pool Onsite Filtering: Our filtration services include the delivery of onsite iron filtering units as well as iron content testing for residential and commercial/industrial pools.

Softener Salt Delivery and Water Filtration Equipment for Van Buren County Businesses

We distribute water filtration equipment to commercial/industrial customers throughout Van Buren County, Michigan including schools, apartment complexes, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and more. Our commercial/industrial products and services include:

  • Commercial/Industrial Water Softeners: Choose from single, duplex, and triplex water conditioning units in sizes up to 1.2 million grain per vessel with 6” valve ports. Our commercial/industrial water softeners can be installed in a series, parallel or progressive schedule. Our treatment systems are available for rent, purchase, or rent with an option to purchase.
  • Bulk/Multi-Skid Salt: We offer softener salt delivery in bulk or by the skid for commercial/industrial customers throughout Van Buren County. Our staff delivers salt directly to your designated location as well as filling the brine tank and disposing of utilized salt bags.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: This effective method of water filtration removes impurities and improves water quality. Commercial/industrial reverse osmosis systems are ideal for industrial boilers and building water supplies.
  • Commercial/Industrial Water Filters: We offer water filters and filtration equipment that removes iron, parasites, suspended solids, and other contaminants from commercial/industrial water systems. We deliver and install water filtration equipment within Van Buren County, Michigan and offer repair services as needed.
  • Backflow Testing: Our master plumber is licensed to perform backflow testing for commercial and industrial businesses located in Van Buren County and throughout Southwest Michigan.

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We provide softener salt delivery, water conditioning systems, and bottled water delivery for residential and commercial/industrial customers in Van Buren County, Michigan. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free water test.

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