Removing Tannins From Water

  • Tannin Removal From Well Water in Southwest Michigan

For homeowners who have well water/water supplied by a well, the unsightly emergence of brown water should not be alarming. Even in natural settings like rivers and lakes, light brown water can be present. In both instances, while it appears to be dirty water, it is actually water due to tannins. Water tannins are an organic substance consisting of surface water that has passed through peaty soil or fermenting vegetation.

As a dedicated water treatment supplier, Canney’s Water Conditioning offers high-quality filtration options for tannin water filtering and tannin removal from well water.

Effects of Tannins on Your Water System

While tannins do not pose a health risk, having brown water appear can be aesthetically unpleasant. Additional effects of tannins in your well water include:

  • Tannins in water can produce an unpleasant odor
  • When consumed, tannins in drinking water can have a tangy, bitter aftertaste
  • Due to the yellow to light brown color, tannins from your well water can also discolor and stain laundry as well as white colored dishware, toilets, sinks, showers, and more.

Tannins combined with iron or manganese can be observed in water that is black, green, or red. Iron present in your water supply can also present additional challenges that can require water filtration or water softener solutions.

The Importance of Water Filtration for Tannin Removal

Remedies for removing tannins from well water include an ion-exchange filtration system. While water filtration may help with some cases of tannins in the water, some situations require the use of a whole home water tannin removal filtration system. Depending on the location of your water well, treating tannins via a whole home water filtration system may be your best option. The presence of tannins can come from not only your well water but potentially other places such as marshes or other areas vulnerable to tannins.

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