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There are several types of water contamination, some more harmful than others. Standard water filters you buy at the store remove some contaminants but are not effective at removing everything. Store-bought filtration systems limit the filtering to one water source at a time. These filters typically cannot perform with the utilization of larger volumes of water required with energy-efficient washing machines and dishwashers.

For the most effective water treatment results, you need a water treatment removal method designed to handle a variety of contaminants for crisp, clean, and safe water. Canney’s provides residential and commercial/industrial water treatment equipment and services throughout Southwest Michigan. Our solutions include reverse osmosis and other water filtration methods designed to eliminate discoloration, PFAS, arsenic, odor, bacteria, tannins, and other harmful contaminants.

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Water Filtration Methods for Common Drinking Water Contaminants

There are different water filtration methods to remove arsenic, tannins, and PFAS from well water and other potable water sources. Some of these trusted methods include:

We provide various filtration methods, with each offering different benefits. The type of water treatment required depends on the type and severity of your water contamination. There are different filtration processes available, depending on your needs. Under the counter and faucet-mounted filters attach to a faucet and work well in kitchens or bathrooms. There are also sink and refrigerator/ice maker options that connect directly to your water line, providing an effective solution for any room in your home or office.

Arsenic Water Treatment Methods

Arsenic is a naturally occurring chemical that can cause short-term or long-term health issues if consumed through contaminated drinking water. Well water is one known source of arsenic-contaminated water, though it can also be found in other sources of drinking water.

Water filtration methods for arsenic removal include filters and reverse osmosis. Both methods provide long-lasting filtration and require minimal maintenance, providing you with a safe and effective alternative to chemical water filtration methods.  

PFAS Water Filtration Methods

Per and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are human-made industrial chemicals that can accumulate in the human body over time, leading to adverse health effects. Though the U.S. no longer produces many of these chemicals, they are still found in consumer goods imported from other countries. PFAS is found in various landfills and has entered into our drinking water sources through ground wells utilized by residential consumers, city utility treatment plants, and manufacturing facilities

Our water treatment methods for PFAS removal include reverse osmosis and other filtration systems removing dangerous contaminants, resulting in clean, safe water for drinking, cleaning, cooking, and washing.  

Tannin Water Filtration Methods

Tannins are a form of natural organic matter produced by fermentation. The issue of tannins in drinking water creates a bitter taste and turns the water a yellowish or brownish hue that can stain fixtures, clothing, and other fabrics. When tannins are present along with iron or manganese, your water might have a red, black, or greenish color.   

Water filtration methods for tannin removal include an ion-exchange filtration system, utilizing solar salt through the regeneration process. Ultrafiltration purified drinking water systems are also available through a pre-treatment process.

Learn About Our Residential and Commercial / Industrial Water Treatment Methods

Canney’s has over 80 years’ experience serving residential and commercial/industrial customers throughout Southwest Michigan. We provide a variety of water filtration and treatment systems along with offering salt, bottled water, and filter delivery. Contact us today to discuss your water safety concerns and to schedule a free water test.


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