Nitrate & Nitrite Water Filtration Systems

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 57% of domestic water wells are contaminated by nitrates or nitrites. Often the result of runoff from fertilizers or manure and worsened in cold temperatures, nitrate/nitrite water contamination has become an increasing problem throughout the Midwest. Consumed in excess, nitrates and nitrites put pregnant women and infants at high risk for a condition known as methemoglobinemia, which affects the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. In otherwise healthy people, these chemicals can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease or cancer.
While simple RO filters can reduce the presence of nitrates and/or nitrites in your drinking water by about 80%, they do not meet recommended guidelines for water supplies that contain high levels of either contaminant. The best way to ensure a safe water supply for your residential or commercial location is with a water filtration system designed to specifically target both nitrates and nitrites.

Certified Water Filters for Nitrate & Nitrite

Canney’s Water Conditioning offers high capacity nitrate/nitrite filtration systems for well water users. These filters are designed to remove both nitrate and nitrite from well water supplies that contain either contaminant in excess. These systems are guaranteed to remove nitrates down to safe levels below 10 mg/L (ppm) and nitrite down to 1.0 mg/L (ppm) or lower.
Canney’s nitrite/nitrate water filtration systems are ANSI 53-certified, offering the best solution for maintaining a safe water supply at your residential or commercial location. Request a nitrate/nitrite filter today, and we can send a qualified technician to your site to install it for you.

How Do Nitrates & Nitrites Enter My Water Supply?

Nitrate contamination is usually the result of fertilizers and livestock waste running off into your water well. Nitrate is more likely to enter your drinking water if you have a shallow well and/or damaged casings and fittings. Improperly maintained septic systems or wells not built within an underground clay barrier are also at risk.

How Do I Know if My Drinking Water is Contaminated with Nitrate/Nitrite?

Nitrates and nitrites do not have any taste, color, or odor, making it difficult to know whether you have a contamination problem. The Michigan Department of Health recommends testing your water for nitrates/nitrites (among other contaminates) once a year. Canney’s can help you set up a professional water test. Request an appointment today.

Request a Nitrate/Nitrite Water Filter or Schedule a Free Water Test

Here at Canney’s, we’re dedicated to providing our customers throughout Southwest Michigan with clean, safe drinking water. Determine the levels of nitrate and/or nitrite in your water by contacting Canney’s, who works with a local lab for nitrate/nitrite testing. Contact us today to request your very own nitrate/nitrite filtration system.

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