• Pentair Membrane R/O Cartridge

Pentair Membrane R/O Cartridge

The Pentair GRO50-RC features an industry leading Thin Layer Composite (TLC) membrane. The flow rate for this membrane is 50 gallons per day (GPD), and is based on nominal performance. Most standard membranes have a 3:1 ratio which means for every 3 gallons of waste water that goes down the drain, you get 1 gallon of RO water. That ratio is only a 25% recovery of good water. What separates this membrane from the competition is the GRO50-RC features 50% recovery which is a 1:1 ratio! That means for every 1 gallon of waste water down the drain you get 1 gallon of RO water. No other membrane in the industry can make that claim! This cartridge membrane is a replacement membrane for the Freshpoint GRO-350B RO System.
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  • Size: 1.5 lb
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