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Diamond Crystal Water Softener Potassium Chloride

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40 pound bag of Diamond Crystal water softener salt

Potassium Choride, Salt Alternative, for Water Softeners is a low-sodium alternative to traditional water softener salts. Made with typical 99.2% pure potassium chloride, these crystals contain low insoluble content to keep your water softener running smoothly. Diamond Crystal® Water Softener Potassium Chloride is recommended for all kinds of water softeners.

Potassium Chloride works in water softeners the same way that traditional water softener salt (sodium chloride) does, by replacing hard water minerals. The primary difference is that hard water minerals are replaced with potassium instead of sodium. 

  • Uses a Salt Substitute: Potassium Chloride
  • Removes hard water minerals just like salt • Minimize accumulation tank residue

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