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Concerned about the quality of your drinking water? Canney’s Water Conditioning, Inc. can test your water supply for hardness, iron, tannins, hydrogen sulfide, and other impurities. Simply request an appointment online, and we’ll send a qualified technician to your home or place of business to perform a quick on-site test, free of charge. Based on the results, we’ll make the appropriate recommendations to ensure you receive pure, high quality-tasting water for all your daily needs.

Factors That Can Affect the Quality of Your Water Supply

Not all water is as clean as it appears. Contaminants can often go undetected, leading to negative and sometimes dangerous consequences for your quality of life. You shouldn’t have to guess if your water is safe to drink—trust Canney’s to give you an answer. The following information outlines some of the risks associated with the common contamination issues we test for:

Water Hardness

Water hardness measures the amount of calcium and magnesium in your water. In excess, these minerals may leave a filmy residue on your dishes and glassware. In industrial settings, water hardness should be closely monitored to avoid costly breakdowns in large machinery, boilers, cooling towers, labs, and other equipment.


Often caused by iron build up resulting in corrosion of your pipes, high levels of iron in your water can cause a metallic taste, unpleasant odor, and staining on your appliances clothes, and bathroom fixtures. In addition to promoting bacterial growth, iron also has potential to cause irritation and itching to your skin.


Tannins are organic materials that can trickle into well-water as it passes through peaty soil or fermenting vegetation. While tannins rarely pose any adverse health risks, they may cause water to appear brown or yellowish in color and leave a tangy or bitter aftertaste, along with staining similar to that of iron.


PFOS & PFOA are harmful chemicals that have been used in industrial sites for decades. As determined by the American National Standards Institute, these chemicals can lead to an increased risk of cancer, weakened immune systems, and other health-related issues if found in levels above 70-parts-per-trillion. Canney’s is a certified provider of filtration solutions designed specifically for removal of water contaminated with high levels of PFOS & PFOA. 

Well Water Testing Services

Different from municipally supplied water, private wells are not subject to the CDC’s safe water drinking standards. As such, well-owners are responsible for making sure their water is clean and safe. According to the CDC, well-owners should have their water quality tested a minimum of once a year to ensure it remains suitable for use including drinking and cleaning.
From fertilizer and pesticide waste to runoff from industrial factories, groundwater sources are susceptible to a multitude of harmful contaminants. Canney’s makes it easy to protect your health. Our expert technicians will conduct a complete well-water analysis and provide recommendations for the following contamination issues:

Your Trusted Water Quality Expert

Here at Canney’s, we understand that the quality of your water directly impacts your quality of life. That’s why we are committed to providing unmatched service to our customers across southwest Michigan. Request an appointment today for a free on-site water quality test, available for all residential and commercial locations. Contact us with any questions.

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